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Instructional Technology

Dekalb County Schools

Infinite Campus

<font color= orange>Infinite Campus<font color= orange>

 **Attaching a Syllabus Text
Getting Started 
      Logging in Text
      Navigation Text
       Taking Attendance Text
       Seating Chart Text
       Substitute Attendance Roster Text
 Grade Book    
       Create Assignments Text
       Copy Assignments (revised) Text
       Grade Assignments Text
       Drop Lowest Score Logic Text
       Section Groups (NEW)Text
       Posting Academic Grades and                     CommentsText
       Posting Conduct Grades and CommentsText
       Multi-Post (NEW)Text
       Entering EOC Grades (Revised)Text
Reports Text
Behavioral Referrals  Text
Teacher Contact LogText
Messaging Center Text


<b><font color= orange><font size= 3>Tool Tip</font size= 3></font color= orange></b>

Having trouble creating an assignment?

When creating assignments, in the Scoring Assignment Detail section, be sure to select 18 weeks for a semester long course, or 9 weeks for a term course. All assignments are entered in one grading task; 18 weeks for a semester long course or 9 weeks for a term course. Teachers won’t be able to select 4.5 Week Progress or 13.5 Week Progress under any circumstances.

<font size=3><font color= orange>Campus Portal Resources</font color= orange></font size=3>

To access Campus Portal as a student, you will need your student number and your school's three digit school code. For example Janice attends Johnson High School. The school code is 123. Janice password would be dekalb123.