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Instructional Technology

Dekalb County Schools

Area 4 Middle Schools

Area 4 Middle Schools

Janice Washington is the Instructional Technology Specialist for the illustrious Area 4. Not only is she the Instructional Technology Specialist for Area 4 but she has also taught middle school for over 7 years at Sequoyah Middle School as a Mathematics educator and department chair. She is passionate about both Math and effective technology integration, finding ways to merge both has been an exciting experience. 

Janice is a true problem solver and finds joy in discovering a resolution to issues that arise. She loves helping others and seeing them get that “Ah-ha” moment when learning something new. She is a proud graduate of Kennesaw State University where she received her Bachelor’s in Secondary Mathematics Education and Master’s in Instructional Technology. She currently enrolled in school to obtain her second Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering.