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Instructional Technology

Dekalb County Schools


ActivTable Basics

Turning on the ActivTable

The ActivTable 'On' button is located on the connectivity panel.  Press and hold the 'On' button for 2-3 seconds.  
The 'On' button changes to red, then green, then blue, then white. The light will disappear briefly before changing white.
Calibrating the ActivTable
If the user's touch is not aligned with the cursor, you will need to calibrate the ActivTable.  To calibrate the ActivTable, complete the following steps:
  1. Go to the Main Menu
  2. Select Settings à Calibrate (A cross will appear on the ActivTable)
  3. Press and hold your finger in the center of each cross until the cross turns green.  
Cleaning the ActivTable
To clean the ActivTable, spray a non-abrasive cleaning solution on a soft cloth.  Wipe the surface of the ActivTable.  Clean the frame and legs of the ActivTable with a soft cloth as well. 
Installing New Activities
To install new activities, complete the following:
  1. Go to the Main Menu
  2. Select Activity Store (A list of available ActivTable activities will appear.)
  3. Choose the activity you wish to install and follow the prompts.
Saving an ActivTable File or Activity
At the end of the activity, you can save a copy of the activity.  To do so, complete the following steps:
  1. Go to the Toolbox
  2. Select For Teacher
  3. Follow the dialogue boxes to save a copy of the file to a desired location (flash drive, F:Drive, etc.)